Hey guys,

More exciting news from us..What About Now is the name of our first single and it's out on the 25th October to download and the 26th October in stores! We worked with the amazing Steve Robson on the track and can’t wait for you guys to hear it! Just to let you know: the album is just about finished and will be released 30th November! It is full of new, original, modern pop, plus a couple of nice remakes...we feel it's the best album we've made in a long time, if not ever and because it's made for the fans we just can't wait to see how you like it!! Across the album there's uptempo, mid tempo and of course a few ballads, ya gotta have those! I know a lot of you are asking about upcoming concerts...!? Well just hold tight, meetings are happening as you read this and we will have loads of news in the coming weeks/months...for now prepare yourselves for the first new Westlife song in two years! WHAT ABOUT NOW!!



Postat av: Malin

Dock är det en cover som alltid =( Läste ngt om att Daughtry skulle ha gjort den och hittade en låt av honom på youtube som heter de oxå..


Trist.. men ska väl bli kul att höra de nya låtarna..

2009-10-13 @ 16:12:27
URL: http://ouialin.blogg.se/
Postat av: Anna

Men om folk skulle vara lite smarta och kolla upp fakta innan dom yttrar sig skulle folk ganska snabbt inse att det inte är han robson som mark nämner som skrivit daughtrys låt så jag tror ju inte du behöver oroa dig.

2009-10-13 @ 17:53:00
URL: http://annamopp.blogg.se/ny

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